Righteous Woman by For Esmé

“Righteous Woman,  is a feminist awakening and excavation of the voices within”


In honor of International Women’s Day I wanted to feature the inspiring and extremely talented artist For Esmé. Her new single Doubtmouth from her forthcoming LP Righteous Woman  is a powerful and compelling listen.

The song itself is just a Synthpop peach! Doubtmouth’s vibrating arpeggiater is delightfully synthwave and, like a message in a bottle, it carrys within these very powerful words. Continue reading

New video – Make Circles from synth-pop group CROATIA


CROATIA – a synth-pop group from Victoria, British Columbia share their video for their new single, Make Circles. Taking heavy influence from the revolutionary sounds of 80’s era pop and electronic groups, they create at times a darker – alternative to conventional pop music.

It is the first track off their forthcoming EP Half Dreams set to be released this spring. Continue reading

New single 89 San Francisco by TOVI


89 San Francisco is the dreamy lead single from TOVI’s debut EP Midnight Hum which will be released February 2018.

TOVI is the electropop project of Red Deer, Alberta based artist Rebecca Emms. Drawing influence from Portishead and Gorillaz’s trip hop style to alt-pop icons like Lana Del Rey and Lorde, TOVI’s debut solo EP Midnight Hum sonically delivers a hazy dream-like atmosphere of warm vintage synths, sultry vocals matched with deep bass rumbles and programmed beats. Continue reading

MOR Release New Song and Video


Weather  is a song that whisks you to a better frame of mind like a postcard from the best summer of your life”

Indie Synth-Pop artist MOR is the brand new creative vessel from Toronto resident Amy Morris.  Formerly of local Quintet Cornado, Morris has branched out on her own creating a wonderful brand of feel-good music that sounds like it was conceived in a golden hammock, swinging on warm island air at the edge of a lagoon. Continue reading

Premiere Single Release: Vox Somnia – ‘Shadowpasser’


“Vox Somnia Create the type of sound that showers you in goosebumps”

Shadowpasser is the fantastic debut single by Toronto boy/girl duo Vox Somnia.  The song chimes like a hearse-led procession or a dark foreboding lullaby that seems to capture that elusive harmonic symmetry that makes a song really rattle your bones. Between the hauntingly evocative vocals and the restrained gravitas of their musical phrasing, Vox Somnia create the type of sound that showers you in goosebumps, not with production tricks or fluff-pop tropes, but through the weighty focus of their thematic resolve.

Continue reading

“An endearingly sincere lead single” Young Galaxy’s brand new single ‘Under My Wing’


Under My Wing is like a gentle cushion of vulnerable admissions, subtly sizzling away on sparkling electronica. This song kind of moves like a glacier, never punctuating with grandiose or drastic change yet lovingly it holds your gaze. There is something surprisingly honest about the song yet it harbors this twirling dichotomy of sadness and hope. Continue reading

Intimacy Issues – Debut EP by TAXI


TAXI Intimacy Issues CD cover

Emma Lamarre who goes by the name TAXI, released her stunning debut EP Intimacy Issues in September which has been receiving rave reviews since. Working with Producer, Bernard Frazer (Church of Trees, Black and White, GNT, News from the Roof), the two have created a 5 track body of work that sonically ranges from Portishead to  Lily Allen and Lana Del Rey.

Intimacy Issues is a dark pop record that Lamarre claims is her “most inexpensive form of therapy” to date. Though lyrically TAXI touches on mental illness, substance abuse, sex and emotional detachment, Intimacy Issues is a record where vulnerability and an ability to laugh at oneself are crucial. Continue reading

Nightshifts new single Karma


Toronto based producer Nightshifts has just released his new single Karma. He co-produced the song with Matthew Vlahovich of Young Empires. In describing the meaning of the song he says “it was written at a time when all my friends and I were very unsure about what we wanted to do with our lives. I wrote the song to try and calm my own nerves; to say it’s ok not to know, let’s just enjoy the ride.” Continue reading