Introducing: Bombnivores

Bombnivores is an experimental duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They have just released a new video for the song Aimless from their album ‘Plazed’.  Aimless is like a ripple of ambient swells caught in a linear loop, a curious detour from the typical formulaic pop structures.  Bombnivores is an up and coming band with some unique stories to tell, go check them out…


Bombnivores is a collaborative project between two friends based in Halifax NS. Jamie, originating as a drummer & song writer, eventually grew more interested in composing via sampling, bending and stretching grooves and Rhythms. Sheldon, being an open-minded music began to contribute vocals and instrumental ambience into the mix. It quickly grew into their cold/warm blooded’ double album debut. Since then, The Bombnivores sound started to really take shape. They have crafted & honed in on their compatibilities. An honest & playful mixture of fun and different approaches. Bringing ever more styles, ideas and influences to the table. The new Bombnivores album Plazed will be released May 5th.
Plazed, Shows listeners where their stylistic mix-tape approach might have originated from and where it’s heading. Trying to distinctly shift mood and groove from track to track. Settling in on a style that bridges electronic textures with song-oriented indie approach meant to appeal as much as to surprise. Sweat Test is Bombnivores first song/video release from Plazed. The Video was made by Boom Shoal Enterprises, who did a fine job of complimenting the music and also amplifying it at the same time using Subtle abstract scenes followed by a growing drive of faster cut scenes mixed with super slow motion and time laps. Maybe best explained solely as experimental, it has a “grow on you” kind of quality that is harder to find these days. That along is worth giving it a listen.

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