Artist of the Month: In Drift

In drift

In Drift are a Surf Rock Pop band from Toronto who have very quickly asserted themselves as one of the coolest artists to emerge from the local scene.  Surf/Rock/Pop has seen a successful resurgence over the past few years, but in this genre bands with the right song writing quality are always the acts that encapsulate that hazy kaleidoscope of careless reverb drenched new wave vibe and In Drift do this immaculately invoking both wonder and sorrow. The vocal is especially sweet, bending between classic surf cadence and dark melancholy, In Drift blend a wonderful mix of melody that straddles upon superb pop song construction.  We rate them very highly and thus are our band of the month!

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Biography (taken from In Drift’s Facebook)

Toronto’s In Drift is a band that believes in telling complex stories in a simple and honest way. Layers of echoing guitars, unique bass hooks and emotionally charged vocal melodies create a brand of Surfy, Spacey, Dream Pop goodness that is all their own.

In the fall of 2014, unable to find a band that stylistically inspired, song writer/guitarist Colin Thompson decided to form one that did. As the songs began to take shape, it was time to find the right people to play them. First on board was Marcin Zach, whose raw frenetic indie rock inspired guitar playing added instant energy to the band. Bassist Jeff Brown brought rock solid playing mixed in with creative effects that help to define the bands original sound. Drummer Mike Rivet’s timing and creative fills bring a texture to the music that help create the drama and dynamic signature. While quickly scanning singer wanted ads on Toronto’s Craigslist page, Singer/Lyricist Courtney Hutcheson noticed one looking for a vocalist with roots in bands like The Cure, The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen, Beach Fossils etc. Her response was simple, it said “Hey! I like those bands!” that was it. Her pure voice, soaring melodies and authentic storytelling style were the final pieces. In Drift was born.

After spending several months writing and rehearsing, In Drift released their first two songs on Within a few days Saturday Rain and 3 Reasons were getting added to indie playlists both locally and internationally. Early reviews of the music have been very strong.

Turn Up the Volume – “3 Reasons to love this band: Blissful vocals, Surfy swagger & overall magical pop feel.”

Diamond Deposits – “Spaced out rock from Toronto 5-piece In Drift. Here is some somber new wave pop with Saturday Rain where the vocals are earnest and the melodies sublime and emotional.”

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