Artist of the Month: Green Girl


Another Toronto band makes our AOTM choice and boy do we love these guys.  Coming from virtually nowhere to releasing their debut EP Wilde, Green Girl moves quietly but what wonderful thing doesn’t…until its discovered.

Green Girl are essentially indie rock on the outside but listen more, and you hear great emotion in the sonic gaps of this minimalist guitar, bass, and drum arrangement.  It feels as though it was quietly written in the bedroom, under a sleepy veil of fluorescent stars… at least it brings me there.

The vocal sound has that touch of quirky honesty you get from the Moldy Peaches, a true unvarnished sincerity that could also scream down the walls of hell if the moment required.  The music floats like an Elliot Smith medley at times, yet the whole EP sounds like it was recorded along side Smashing Pumpkin’s Siamese Dream or Mellon Collie’  and it’s here you can pinpoint some direct songwriting inspiration.

As you can tell, these guys have blown our minds and are our Artist of the Month!

You can purchase their new EP Wilde here:

Listen here:




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