Most People release new video for Telephone

Toronto indie pop trio Most People released a brand new video, directed by Seth Mendelsohn for their single Telephone. The song was released over a year ago but back in June the band began a crowdfunding page to fund a the video starring two wrestlers from the League of Lady Wrestlers.

First thing’s first, the video is beautifully shot. The whole story is composed against a backdrop of darkness and spot lighting,  it cloaks a larger story but keeps us completely engaged on the action between the turnbuckles.  Each angle captures a facial contortion with a surprising amount of slow motion elegance as the competitors contest some ominous blood sport, accumulating in an epic back breaking fatality.  We just love the way its  simple campy premise has been visualised into a wonderful window of primal emotive study, it was transfixing to say the least.

Most people have become well known for their art inspired projects that bend to the quirky, admittedly the prospect of a women’s wrestling match had us wondering what weird spectacle we would witness but there was something genuinely visceral in the performance which chimed so perfectly with Telephone’s forlorn lament, a song that has been on our play lists for a while but now suddenly feels so brand fricken new!

We hope Most People give us more of these wonderful videos!

If you want to see them perform live they are having a video release party at the Monarch Tavern, Friday September 30.

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