Premiere Single Release: Vox Somnia – ‘Shadowpasser’


“Vox Somnia Create the type of sound that showers you in goosebumps”

Shadowpasser is the fantastic debut single by Toronto boy/girl duo Vox Somnia.  The song chimes like a hearse-led procession or a dark foreboding lullaby that seems to capture that elusive harmonic symmetry that makes a song really rattle your bones. Between the hauntingly evocative vocals and the restrained gravitas of their musical phrasing, Vox Somnia create the type of sound that showers you in goosebumps, not with production tricks or fluff-pop tropes, but through the weighty focus of their thematic resolve.

Vocal and lyricist Anna Dorda best describes Shadowpasser as “a song ultimately about longing. At first glance it’s about places, things and people that never really quite leave your consciousness and body memory, but their physical manifestations are gone.” Not afraid to expose her dark lyrical underside Dorda continues “dig deeper and it’s also a song about PTSD and my lived experience of those symptoms as “shadow passers”, active players that pull me into a realm that is dark, obscured and frightening”

Self described as an art-rock endeavor, Vox Somnia have clear influences in their music from post punk new-wave bands like The Cure to avant garde vocalists like Bjork and Kate Bush. Although their lead single is a somewhat mystic affair the band have signaled that their upcoming EP is more robust as they take every opportunity to flex their song writing muscle.

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