Most People release new video for Telephone

Toronto indie pop trio Most People released a brand new video, directed by Seth Mendelsohn for their single Telephone. The song was released over a year ago but back in June the band began a crowdfunding page to fund a the video starring two wrestlers from the League of Lady Wrestlers.

First thing’s first, the video is beautifully shot. The whole story is composed against a backdrop of darkness and spot lighting,  it cloaks a larger story but keeps us completely engaged on Continue reading

Michaela May releases video for Lights Out

Michaela’s new video for the song ‘Lights Out’ is a sweet mix of modern pop over an 80’s background, definitely tapping into the popular retro-modern sound thats become very in vogue of late, like Belinda Carlisle and Gloria Estefan meets Sia and Lady GaGa. There is a genuine quality to this tune and certainly not a throwaway saccharine imitation, well worth your ear. Continue reading

The Nursery – Digital Ashes Video

The Nursery release their new EP Digital Ashes on July 26 as well as brand a new video for the titled song. The Nursery are talented sculptures of sound, they’re so sonically accomplished when they play live, they bring that large sound to the fore and its captured perfectly here in Digital Ashes. The video is a clever little short too, arachnophobics beware! The Nursery bring us some adept listening for those summer dance parties, go check them out!

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