New single Soldier by Iskwé

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Iskwé has released a new single Soldier from her upcoming album The Fight Within, out October 13. Describing the song she says “It’s impossible to know what shape our planet will be in several generations down the road. What I do know is that we need to do better. Soldier is for all the protectors of our land, our water and our future generations.

While my music is undoubtedly a source of deep, personal strength for me, it is also a form of protest––protest against the continued hardships of the North American Indigenous community, protest against flippant legislature failing to protect our lands and waterways, and protest against fallout women face when speaking out on issues within the music industry. Continue reading

Freedom Baby’s debut single Video Daydream


Freedom Baby just released a beautiful new single Video Daydream. Describing the song they say “It was after a while of experimenting with electronic sounds and orchestral elements we came up with “Video Daydream”. We arranged the song with a Snakes & Ladder game board as our blueprint. Each melody and instrument snakes and climbs from one place to another and each time you play something new is going to reveal itself.”  Continue reading