Righteous Woman by For Esmé

“Righteous Woman,  is a feminist awakening and excavation of the voices within”


In honor of International Women’s Day I wanted to feature the inspiring and extremely talented artist For Esmé. Her new single Doubtmouth from her forthcoming LP Righteous Woman  is a powerful and compelling listen.

The song itself is just a Synthpop peach! Doubtmouth’s vibrating arpeggiater is delightfully synthwave and, like a message in a bottle, it carrys within these very powerful words. Continue reading

MOR Release New Song and Video


Weather  is a song that whisks you to a better frame of mind like a postcard from the best summer of your life”

Indie Synth-Pop artist MOR is the brand new creative vessel from Toronto resident Amy Morris.  Formerly of local Quintet Cornado, Morris has branched out on her own creating a wonderful brand of feel-good music that sounds like it was conceived in a golden hammock, swinging on warm island air at the edge of a lagoon. Continue reading

“An endearingly sincere lead single” Young Galaxy’s brand new single ‘Under My Wing’


Under My Wing is like a gentle cushion of vulnerable admissions, subtly sizzling away on sparkling electronica. This song kind of moves like a glacier, never punctuating with grandiose or drastic change yet lovingly it holds your gaze. There is something surprisingly honest about the song yet it harbors this twirling dichotomy of sadness and hope. Continue reading